Bazaar Lanoye

1985 [DVD]

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Auteur: Yen Tan Categorieën: ,


American drama exploring the complexities of a young man’s hidden sexuality and his conservative family.

Having lived openly in the New York gay scene, Adrian (Cory Michael Smith) faces anxiety over returning to his hometown after a difficult year that saw several of his close friends die.

Having been brought up in a religious family, Adrian has his reservations about coming out to them and instead attempts to keep up appearances by rekindling an old flame in the form of local girl Carly (Jamie Chung).

However, as Adrian’s repressed identity begins to bubble to the surface, he realises he must come clean to Carly and work up the courage to inform his parents of his double life.

Will they accept their son unconditionally or will they reject him over their ideals?


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