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Contesting Intersex

The Dubious Diagnosis

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“Contesting Intersex is an unapologetic coalescence of Davis first-hand experiences of an intersex diagnosis and her academic inquiry into the topic. Whilst this, as she acknowledges, & may make the book read like an autoethnography at certain points, theory, politics and practice have never been discrete in intersex studies. Daviss own history and current participation in the intersex community help her to provide a circumspect consideration of the tensions at play.” (Sociology of Health & Illness)

“Davis presents a compelling and beautifully-crafted text about the complex issues of gender and sexual identity. How medicine and diagnosis can either come in aid of, or brutally disrupt the experience of intersexuality is an important paradox, worthy of reflection and debate. With this book, Davis gets the ball rolling and demands our attention. It is well-worth the read.” (Annemarie Jutel,author of Putting a Name to It: Diagnosis in Contemporary Society)

“Through piercing interviews and astute analysis, and in a readable style, Contesting Intersex gets at the heart of recent controversies about the medical management of intersex and perceptively tracks the political engagement of intersex activists.” (Elizabeth Reis,author of Bodies in Doubt: An American History of Intersex)

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