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Fruit Cocktail

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In a sequel to his delightful “On Picking Fruit,” Wooten brings back middle-aged gay everyman Curtis Jenkins, chronically unlucky in love but ironically seeing his greatest commercial success in author of a book called “101 Ways to Collide Into Your Gay Soul Mate.” The drama in his life is provided by his manipulative newly-bisexual mother, his sex-obsessed best friend Quinn, and his pushy agent who books him into a series of book signing appearances that provide most of the novel’s plot. The memorial service for his former confidant/counselor (featured widely in the first book, in which she later died), Magda Tunick, introduces a new character, her sister Petra, who begins to fill the same need in Curtis’ life as did her sister. Together with one or all of this entourage, Curtis embarks on a series of unexpected adventures, such as escaping from a cult-like “nude gay yoga” group, starting an impromptu telethon to save the job of a canceled gay TV host, moderating a gay dating contest, an unexpected reunion with a man from his past, attending his mother’s lesbian wedding, and dating the priest from Magda’s memorial service.

Those who loved Wooten’s wit in the first novel will be more than satisfied here, with a book that is hysterically funny as well as surprisingly warm and emotional at times. Well-written, realistic characters and a great depiction of the craziness that is often seen in gay dating. Great, light read, much recommended to all. Five pieces of fruit out of five!

About the Author
Arthur Wooten has written for theater, film, and television. Fruit Cocktail is the sequel to On Picking Fruit, also published by Alyson Books.


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