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Funny Peculiar

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“I have read scores of books about growing up with child sexual abuse, but never one which made me laugh and cry at the same time. This one woman’s story will give strength to those who have been in (her) shoes, and will open the eyes of readers who are lucky enough to never have experienced it. It goes way beyond the bounds of ‘misery lit’ and challenges the ignorant in a thoroughly entertaining and inspiring fashion.” – Julie Bindel

Set against the backdrop of the Troubles in 1970s Northern Ireland, Funny Peculiar is the moving story of a girl resisting the pain and shame of sexual abuse and staying in love with life. While the world around her erupts in blood and violence, the young Constance has her own battles to fight. Her father may be the town laughing stock but his temper has the whole family on edge. And Constance is in the firing line – from public put-downs to secret incest.

A sensitive and observant girl, she not only survives almost unbearable cruelty but emerges strong and determined, with a passion for life, love and laughter. Told with bitter humour as it weaves together dog shows and the Orange Order, Bloody Friday and the Wombles, sexual abuse and the Silver Jubilee, Funny Peculiar vibrates with the secret triumphs of a child fighting back against a father who claims that abuse is for her own good. As her family starts to disintegrate and the Troubles continue into a second decade, Constance tries to make sense of the meaning of loyalty and betrayal within her family and community.


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