In Bed with David & Jonathan

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David & Jonathan are two innocent-looking young men who meet each other amidst the prowlers in the park late one night – at least that is what seems to be the case  at the outset. Just behind their angelic facades, however, are devils in disguise. This ‘secand skin’ is what we get to see – details from the boys’ public and private lives. The hard, cold facts from the story of “David & Jonathan” contrast wonderfully to the first impression of naïveté in these comics, drawn in a style reminiscent of the world-famous “Tintin”.
After his successful debut, Tom Bouden returns with a very revealing gay comic. For more than 15 years this Belgian artist has been in the business, but he doesn’t allow himself to be pigeonholed into a particular genre. He has been working on a play, written a television script, even the Walt Disney Company has come knocking on the door of this sougt-after artist.
Herdruk in een iets kleiner formaat, wel met harde kaft.


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