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Kansas in August

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‘Kansas in August’ is a toe-tapping story of life and its wonderful and unexpected complexities. For the beauty of being a hopeless romantic is that whatever nasty surprises are thrown in your path, you can’t help bouncing back with a song in your heart. Or can you?

Hilary is a charismatic young teacher with a closet tap-dancing habit and a chronic tendency to live life like a 1950s musical, finding Technicolor romance where realists see only monochrome muddle. As blinkerd by good sense as he is by optimism, his sister, Henry, is a psychologist, maintaining crisp control in the face of her patients’ insanity and a crumbling health service. Their romantic nemesis is Rufus, a sexy but dangerously confused love-god who pays the rent by giving piano lessons. Their salvation, more outrageously magical than any Bollywood musical, comes through the unexpected agency of a baby abandoned in a West London underpass and the secret mystic devotion of a downtrodden schoolgirl.

‘Gale’s blend of artifice and realism is not quite like anybody else’s.’ – Observer

‘Patrick Gale’s novels grip tightly, like swaddling clothes, stunning the reader into a state of lolling, contented absorption. How does he do it?’ – Times Literary Supplement

‘An elegant, witty writer, with an engagingly bizarre imagination.’ – Sunday Telegraph


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