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Netherhall Gardens and Beyond

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With the characters reeling from recent events and revelations in Netherhall Gardens, the plot deepens as the tale extends to Brighton and Amsterdam.

For handsome young Mark, with a lust for adventure, greater thrills and a natural ability to attract trouble, life will never be the same again. Now sexually liberated and with a host of friends and possible suitors vying for his affections, Mark has some tough choices to make. But then someone new enters his life, determined to steal his heart, mind and body – by force if necessary.

Netherhall Gardens and Beyond is a sexy dark romp with a colourful cast that builds to yet another thrilling climax. But, will anyone be on hand this time to save Mark as events spiral out of control…?

Praise foir Netherhall Gardens:

Sex, drugs, and kinky murder are always a powerful mix and Carl Patrick sprinkles sex of every persuasion throughout the fast-moving plot… For a debut novel this is remarkably assured, great fun to read and we’re already waiting for the sequel. – The Pink Paper



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