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The Unwanted Words Queer & Feminist Poetry Anthology is a compilation of poems written by a selection of 50 poets and artists based in the Netherlands. It covers a range of topics relating to feminism and the queer experience and perspective, honouring intersectionality and embracing BIPOC voices. This anthology celebrates the talent and stories of our diverse community in an effort to sow seeds of interest, inspiration and enthusiasm about Queer and Feminist poetry.

The Queer & Feminist Poetry Anthology was initiated by Unwanted Words Project, an award-winning platform for up & coming queer voices working with poetry and spoken word, based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Unwanted Words is the first platform for LGBTQ+ poets and Spoken Word artists in the Netherlands. We are on a mission to provide a stage for marginalised voices and create an archive of LGBTQIA+ and feminist poets, writers, spoken word artists who need to be celebrated and heard. We strive to create opportunities for queer connection and growth, such as our Queer Poetry Nights event series, spoken word workshops, our Queer & Femininist Poetry Awards and digital content, promoting and amplifying queer voices from an intersectional perspective.

This anthology is supported by Gemeente Rotterdam, Pitcher Perfect 010 and WORM Rotterdam.

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