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Aids, Art and Activism in New York, 1979-1989
Rebel Rebels analyzes some of the activist art experiences born in New York between 1979 and 1989 (this is where the subtitle Art and Activism. New York 1979-1989 comes from), when in response to a conservative political and cultural climate artists began to work in groups and to realize projects concretely addressed to the problems of society.
The book is conceived as a tribute to all those activist art collectives born in New York City at the beginning of the 80’s (such as ACT UP, Gran Fury, Group Material), united by a common refusal of traditional aesthetic criteria, the synthesis of artistic strategies and commercial advertising for political propagandistic ends, and by a willingness to take direct action to end the AIDS crisis.
Rebel Rebels aims at demonstrating that art can play a crucial role in social and political change, when artists gather in groups, or collectives, in order to cooperate with other communities and pursue a common goal.


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