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The Amsterdam Tinkerbells

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Fifteen-year-old Fabian is on his way from New York to Düsseldorf with his father. When one of the passengers becomes ill, the aircraft has to land in Amsterdam, a city under the spell of the imminent Gay Pride. Together with the handsome blond doctor Rodric and the flamboyant Brazilian Rafaela, they decide to postpone their journey to Düsseldorf and instead to throw themselves into the festivities.
Fabian is bursting with excitement, for the next day is his sixteenth birthday. Not just any age, but… the age of consent! He is counting down the hours to midnight. But before that happens, he and his fellow travellers are in for a number of juicy surprises…
Eric Kollen’s Boys’ Tales
Until now, Eric Kollen published three volumes of his ‘Boys’ Tales’, in Dutch. His stories are exciting, scandalous, virtuoso, hilarious and sometimes even deeply moving, but above all… stimulating. And the text tingles with pleasure; it is not only the sperm that spatters from the pages, but also the mirth.
About Volumes Jongenssprookjes 1, Jongenssprookjes 2 and Jongenssprookjes 3 of ‘Boys’ Tales’:
‘I roared with laughter while my prick was rock hard. Extremely clever if you can achieve that! These stories are top class.’ – GJ Wielinga, writer and ex-porno star
‘Kollen succeeds in fascinating and surprising and the pleasure he has in writing gushes from the paper. The content is decidedly direct, and occasionally boundless. Elements of power, sadomasochism and forbidden lust predominate.’ – Magazine for Sexuology
‘Fable-like and at the same time super erotic. Eric Kollen writes well.’ – Hedy d’Ancona, former Dutch Minister of Culture
Indien je geen Engels kan heb je ook de mogelijkheid om een Nederlandstalige versie te kopen als ePUB via www.jongenssprookjes.nl en e-boek.org


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