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The Indian Clerk

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‘A loving exploration of one of the greates collaborations of the past century, The Indian Clerk is a novel that brilliantly orchestrates questions of colonialism, sexual identity and the nature of genius’ – Manil Suri, author of The Death of Vishnu

January, 1913, Cambridge. G.H. Hardy – eccentric, charismatic and considered the greatest British mathematician of his age – receives a mysterious envelope covered with Indian stamps. Inside he finds a rambling letter from a self-professed mathematical genius who claims to be on the brink of solving the most important mathematical problem of his time. Hardy determines to learn more about this mysterious Indian clerk, Srinivasa Ramanujan, a decision that will affect not only his own life but the entire history of mathematics. Set against the backdrop of the First World War, and populated with such luminaries as D.H. Lawrence and Bertrand Russell, The Indian Clerk is an utterly compelling story about our need to find order in the world.

‘Engaging and intelligent’ – The Times

‘Leavitt brings to life a world of maths and mysticism’ – Observer

‘Excellent… His Hardy is a superb creation… The author also synthesises huge amounts of engrossing period gossip… the snatches of backbiting and shop-talk richly convey the anxieties of the intellectual climate’ – Daily Telegraph


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