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The More You Ignore Me

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For Alice, the big bad monster wasn’t green and hiding under the bed, it sat in the kitchen saying ‘bollocks’ a lot.

Prone to psychotic episodes, or ‘on the road to bonkersville’ as Alice’s dad would say, Alice’s mum Gina isn’t easy to live with. Her unpredictable outbursts make life in their Herefordshire cottage eventful.

As ‘family’ means a mentally ill mother, a hippy father and grandparents who enjoy a drink or five, Alice needs someone to help her through.

Unfortunately, Alice’s special someone is Morissey of The Smiths, and the closest she’s got to him so far is watching him on Top of the Pops. But that could all be about to change…

Praise for The More You Ignore Me:

‘A sweet, touching, tender novel’ – Independent

‘The book is littered with endearing characters… The last line moved me to tears’ – Daily Express

‘A dark and complex comedy’ – Company

‘The most enjoyable piece of fiction I have had the pleasure of reading this year… Superb stuff’ – Now


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