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The Pride Deck

first edition

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Het klassieke kaartspel, maar dan de lgbtqia-editie.
Leer tijdens het spelen hoe divers onze community is. Prachtig geïllustreerd.

The Pride Deck is a project inspired by the LGBTQ+ and Queer community, that aims to celebrate everyone who partecipate at the annual Pride and expand the awareness of all the identities and orientations that sometimes get left out! Every card has a unique illustration, making a total of 54 different designs.

Each card, from the Ace to the King, is a different identity, and each seed will have their own theme: flag for hearts, flower for clubs, sword for spades and crystal for diamonds.

Of course the deck includes 2 Jolly, represented by the Allies, who might not be member of the LGBTQ+ or QUEER community but, just like the role of the card, they are meant to support the other cards and the community!

In addition, there will be an Extra card where you can find all the definition of the identities that you’ll find in the Deck.

Every single card has a unique illustation. The purpose was trying to represent as many different ethnicities from around the work. Every suit has also their own theme that shows in the illustrations. Every design is of course symmetrical, and is provided with his own title based on the identity of the card

The Backs design was purposely made to recreate the illusion of a rainbow once the deck is in your hands! The effect works on both sides, the only difference being the colors order, offering two different rear fanning designs making this deck visually exciting!

Here’s a complete list of all the identities you will found:

Ace: Asexual
2: Bisex
3: Polysexual
4: Aromantic
5: Genderfluid
6: Pansexual
7: Agender
8: Intersex
9: Demisexual
10: Non Binary
J: Transgender
Q: Lesbian
K: Gay
Jolly/Joker: Allies

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