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Traitor Spy 3: The Traitor Queen

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Book 3 of the Traitor Spy Trilogy

The Traitor Queen is the third volume of the Traitor Spy Trilogy, which takes up the action a generation after the events in The High Lord.

About the Book:

Relieved that Lorkin is coming home, Sonea prepares to meet with the Traitors on behalf of the Guild. Then bad news arrives: the Sachakan king has imprisoned her son.

As the Sachakan king tries to force Lorkin into betraying the Traitors, Dannyl questions his friendship with Ashaki Achati. Can he trust the Sachakan? Not at all, if Tayend is right. But do Tayend’s suspicions spring from good political instincts, or jealousy?

Easily evading capture by the Guild, the Rogue knows only one obstacle lies between him and his ambition to rule the underworld: Cery. Forced into hiding, protected by Lilia, Cery must wait for the Guild to find his enemy. But is Black Magician Kallen purposefully failing in his task?

And Lorkin must decide where his loyalties lie, for whatever choice he makes will require a great sacrifice.

A perfect read for fantasylovers who love a gay twist. In the first book there’s the gay ambassador Dannyl and in the second book there’s lesbian love blooming between two novices. 

Also read Book 1: The Ambassador’s Mission and Book 2: The Rogue


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