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Turtle Hill Brooklyn

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Will and Mateo (co-writers Brian W. Seibert and Ricardo Valdez) are throwing a 30th birthday party for Will at their home in Turtle Hill, Brooklyn. When Will’s conservative sister stops by unexpectedly, he is forced to come out to her and face the repercussions. The party kicks into action as the friends drink, jump in the (kiddie) pool, break the piñata, and argue about politics, relationships, sex and religion. Another surprise guest arrives, exposing truths that threaten Will and Mateo’s relationship. When the bottles are empty and guests are gone, the couple faces the reality of who they are as individuals and where they stand as a couple.
Smart, funny, flawlessly acted and very true to life, Turtle Hill, Brooklyn is an acclaimed and positively charming NYC indie that takes a look at a couple navigating the ins and outs of romance, relationships, friendship and life in the big city while throwing an eventful party in their small Brooklyn yard.
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