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In this explicit and startling meditation on sex and language, an unnamed narrator travels to cruising grounds and clubs, pushing the boundaries of desire and the body in a relentless pursuit of pleasure.

Jonathan Kemp’s prose takes us to places language rarely goes.  In each chapter, titled after a letter of the alphabet, he details his characters’ encounters with luminous intensity, while at the same time facing the impossibility of capturing the moments he describes.

In the tradition of Georges Bataille, Kathy Acker and Jean Genet, Twentysix is a new erotic classic; audacious, sometimes shocking, and completely unforgettable.

Crafted around twenty-six extraordinary erotic encounters, this higly charged work from the author of the award-winning London Triptych is a powerful meditation on the pursuit of pleasure.

Praise for London Triptych

‘Vivid and visceral, London Triptych cuts deep to reveal the hidden layers of a secret history.’ Jake Arnott

‘Kemp’s language is beautiful; his characters are carefully drawn. A touching and engrossing read.’ Attitude

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